Undeniable Love

I’m not sure who loves me more; him or God. Each day I awake to a human being who places my needs, my wants, my happiness, and my desires above his own. Each night I lie in the arms of a human being who can calm me with his kisses and ease me with his touch. At our best, we are love. The cliche that everyone expects love to be. At our worst, we are love. The real, dedicated, and committed love. In everything he does I feel love. In everything he says I feel love. Even when the actions & words aren’t the most pleasant there is still this undertone of love I cannot deny. Each day I’m filled with joy. I’m overjoyed. To have him. To love him. Even when I’m not happy with him, I still have joy. He tolerates me. The emotional, bossy, sensitive being I am. In fact it is more than tolerance; he embraces me. Whole-heartedly. As crazy as I am, he accepts all that craziness as a part of the reason he loves me. How blessed I am.
And to think God loves me so much that he gave me this. That he waited for the right time to place us together and when that time came I was given everything in a partner that I’d wanted and needed and didn’t even realize. Our relationship dispels that thought I used to have that I was insignificant in the eyes of God. For it was God who thought so highly of me that he fashioned a human being to complement me, love me, respect me, and cherish me in the exact same manner as he does. What it really boils down to is that God fashioned this man to serve as a vessel through which he could consistently and continuously pour out his love upon me. Pretty incredible. Pretty incredible indeed.


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