I Am A Work Of Art….

…masterfully hand crafted while still within my mother’s womb. Scientists call it genetics, but I call it sculpting- each and every feature of my body until it was uniquely beautiful. And then it was painting. Using elegant brush strokes & mixing tinted colors to get this skin complexion, this hair color, this eye color. Then it was tuning. Mixing the right sounds and notes to create the pitch of my voice. And after doing this, I was elegantly placed in the womb of a woman whose body would shelter me and nourish me and then give me life. When I was born, my mother knew instantly that she had been blessed with a one of a kind piece of art that would appreciate in value as time went on, and she took care of me, loved me, cherished me, and treasured me like the collector’s item I was. It took me a bit longer to recognize my own value. But now I know my worth and I choose to carry myself with poise, class, and self-respect as a sign of respect for the artist who created me.


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