Puruskin 3-in-1 Derma Roller Enhanced Total Body Kit

derma roller

The idea of derma rolling is very new to me. I had briefly heard about it before I began the 30 day journey of testing this product for the company in exchange for an unbiased review.

In order to best understand this product, how it worked for me, and how it may work for you I am going to break down my review of the product into various facets to ensure I am sharing with you my entire experience and all of the details.

What Is A Derma Roller And What Are Its Benefits?

A derma roller is a product that uses tiny high quality titanium needles to penetrate the hard epidermal layer of the skin. In doing so, hundreds of channels just below the skin’s surface are opened up.

The benefits of this are:

– Gentle exfoliation of unhealthy skin cells

– Stimulation of blood flow to the surface

– Deep cleans pores

– Stimulates collagen re-growth

– Increases skin’s absorption rate

My First Use Of The Derma Roller

So if you’re anything like me you read the word needles and you were immediately turned off. Anyone who knows me intimately knows that needles are not my thing. I was the child who had to have 5 nurses hold her down just to get a shot, so why on earth would I derma roll? Hold on, I’ll explain (and trust me it’s not as bad as it sounds!)

Before using the product there are instructions to sterilize it (a 15-20 minute process). You also need to make sure your skin is cleansed and your hands are clean. Once that has been done you can begin the process.

This particular derma roller comes with three different sized roller heads. The 1.5mm head is supposed to be used for larger areas like the thighs. The 1.0mm head is to be used to smaller areas like the face. Meanwhile, the 0.5mm head (the most painful) is to be used for tiny areas like under the eyes.

It came assembled with the 1.0mm head attached to the base so I started with that one. Visually the derma roller didn’t look that intimidating. The needles are tiny and so I wasn’t too turned off. The directions suggest rolling the derma roller 5 or six times in each direction (up & down, side to side, and diagonally). So I started on my cheek and I can admit that it wasn’t comfortable at first, but also not painful. I’d describe it as having kitten claws casually glide across (not scratch or dig into, but glide across) the face (sounds intense, but it’s not I promise). Like, no one really enjoys a kitten walking across the face, but you also aren’t screaming in pain because of it either. After the first few rolls I adjusted to it and it didn’t feel bad at all. The same for the other cheek and the chin area. The forehead was a bit more sensitive because there’s less fat and tissue there so it made me cringe a tad, but not painful enough to keep me from doing it again.

Here is a pic of the 1.0mm derma roller in its case:

derma roller in case

I then moved on to the 1.5mm derma roller head on my thigh/buns area. Again I made sure the area was clean and the product was sanitized before use. On that area I felt no pain at all. It felt like more of a gentle massage or even just like it would if you were to scratch an itch. This is likely because there is more fat and tissue down there so it absorbs the needles a bit better.

When I finally moved on the the 0.5mm derma roller head I quickly determined that I would not be using that one again. For me, incredibly painful. The needles are much smaller and the under eye area is surprisingly very sensitive. So I ceased to use this roller head for the remaining 30 days.

Immediate Results After First Use

Immediately after using the skin is red because it has been agitated by and penetrated by the needles. Also, I noted a tingling sensation (particularly on the face) that lasted for up to 30 minutes. Other than that, the real results have to be observed after  use over a specific length of time.

Results I Was Looking To See

In order to better compare my results, let me share with you exactly what my “problem areas” were and what I was looking to see as a result of using this product.

On my face, the primary use of the roller was to aid in the healing of scars and dark spots left from old acne. I was looking for the derma roller to help lighten those scars by exfoliating that dead skin and stimulating blood flow. On my hips buns, I have a series of stretch marks that I was hoping to see some fading of again my stimulating blood flow and collagen re-growth.

The Actual Results

After a 30 day period I can say that I have noticed some positive changes in my skin, particularly my face. There is some lightening of dark spots and acne scars, with some of the lighter areas virtually gone after just 30 days. I can also say that my skin has broken out less in the past 30 days which I attribute to the deep cleaning of the pores that the derma roller offers. Additionally, my pores (which are traditionally huge) seemed to shrink to me.

As far as the stretch marks are concerned, I think I would need a lot more time to see any significant change since those marks are a lot deeper. Because I know my body I can say I’ve seen slight (very slight) lightening of the marks but that change wouldn’t be noticeable to anyone else.

Helpful Hints That Helped Me Achieve Better Results

– Stick to a rolling schedule: The only way you can begin to see results is if you set up a regular rolling schedule and stick to it. Rolling every now and then will likely not produce any significant change. I chose 3 times a week (kind of an every other day schedule) and that worked well for me.

– Moisturize : It is recommended that you use a serum that is designed to deeply moisturize the skin (as your skin’s absorption is heightened right after derma rolling). This product came with a coupon for Argan Oil which is fine, but I actually used a Vitamin C serum which I can say contributed to the results I saw on my face. The Vitamin C serum is designed to help brighten and even skin tone and moisturize as well so it seemed like the right choice for me.

– Keep roller heads sanitized: It is vital that you sanitize these roller heads and store them properly after every use. These needles are penetrating your skin and if you aren’t cleaning them properly you very well could be helping dirt and bacteria go deeper into the skin. Not good!

– Don’t go too hard: By this I simply mean fight the urge to roll harder on your skin than is necessary. The first time I used it on my thighs I went really hard (because it felt good to me) and I actually left scratches in my skin that took about a week to heal. All you have to do is roll (regularly) in various directions and you’ll get the results.


Insta Natural Advanced Repair Scar Gel

I am a product junkie. I admit it. And as a product junkie I am always on the hunt for something fresh and new that is going to make me look or feel better inside and outside.

In my late teen years I battled with acne as many people do and because I often couldn’t resist the urge to leave those little blemishes alone, I have some scars on my face that I am not happy about. Though over the years they have faded and decreased in size, I found myself still looking for a product that would rapidly help those remaining horrible reminders of acne fade for good- enter Insta Natural Advanced Repair Scar Gel.

scar gel

My favorite thing about this product is the ingredients. It is formulated with Sea Kelp Bioferment, Green Tea, Gotu Kola, among other ingredients as well as Epidermal Growth Factor- a naturally occurring protein which stimulates the healing process.

The product is light and it didn’t clog my pores which is vital for me because I break out really easily. My skin felt really refreshed and the natural ingredients were great for my sensitive skin. I’d say the only negative remark I have about the product is that it left my skin feeling really dry afterwards, so I had to immediately put on a light moisturizer afterwards. One other critique which really isn’t a negative so much as a tiny unpleasantry is the smell of the product. It wasn’t a horrible smell, just not my personal favorite. However, nothing that would keep me from using the product.

In the 35 days since I have been using the product, I have seen a reduction in the size of my remaining scars as well as a great deal of fading. One scar in particular on my forehead was actually a bit raised and since using this product it has gone down.

So overall I’d give the product a 9/10. It is something I have actually reordered and plan to keep around my house for¬†continued use.

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review.

2015: The Year of the Blog

This year, my goal is to make my life and the lives of those around me a little bit better in a variety of ways.

With that goal in mind I have decided to shift the nature of my blog for the better of myself and others.

While I won’t rob you of the emotional vulnerability and honesty that my blog tends to be characterized by, I do intend to include many more posts that focus on methods for walking in health, happiness, and wholeness because that is the place I find myself in.

And are we not supposed to help others when we find ourselves in a better position?

So this year look for more inspiration, more positivity, and more sharing about how I have managed to lock into joy, peace, and success in my own life. My hope is that through the sharing of my journey, the passing on of information and tips, and the sharing of products and reviews you will be able to find your own slice of happiness and satisfaction with your own life.