Writing 201: Poetry, Day Four

Prompt: Animals     Form: Concrete Poetry     Device: Enjambment

Title: The Little Fish That Could / Strength in Numbers

                                 Small entities                                                    alone.

                        But when joined together                             they are grand.

        To the outside world they are menial.             But they know their own

  Value. They are not swayed by their obstacles or outward opinions. They

Remain focused. And they remain united. Working towards their end goal.

  Knowing that their hard work will lead to a reward greater than what any

        one thought they were capable of.                    Or what any one else

                       actually achieved                                  on their own accord.


Writing 201: Poetry, Day Three

Prompt: Trust     Form: Acrostic     Device: Internal Rhyme

Please give me your heart. The most intimate part of you.

Don’t keep it from me, for I am deserving of it; of you.

Forget the hurt from your past and trust in…

how much I love you.

Much more than you realize.

I know letting go is easier said than done, but

Love is easier than you realize once you simply let it flow.

You my love, are a treasure bringing pleasure to each of my days.

My joy, my comfort, my peace, my passion, my-


Inspire me

I am always up for broadening my horizons and looking for some new sources of inspiration. So if anyone knows of any writers, poets, musicians, or artists that are worth checking out PLEASE share them with me.

Also to all of those who follow my blog, I intend to spend the next few days carefully reading over all of your blogs as well. I suspect that some of you will be getting a follow back in return.

My treasure…

I kept it. The thing I value the most. Not my heart. Not my body. But my poetry. My stories.

I gave of my entire self openly and freely…except for my words.

Not because you weren’t worth it. Not because you didn’t deserve it. Rather because I already understood that you were irresponsible. Too irresponsible to be entrusted with what I value the most.

The words I’ve written for years upon end. The words that chronicle my life story. My deepest emotions. My inner thoughts.

I kept them from you because the investment was too risky.

Smart decision on my part given the way things have transpired between us.

But there is no bitterness here. No guilt. No anger. Yes, you have pieces of me that I will never be able to get back. Pieces of me that I am glad you have, because they will only empower you. Your writing. Your music.

But I still have what matters most to me. My words. And when you weigh what I’ve lost against what I still possess, there is absolutely no comparison.