Reflections on the Inauguration of President Donald J. Trump

I very briefly tuned into the inauguration of President Trump on Friday, January 20, 2017. My brain had fully digested the events of the day and what that meant for our nation, but my heart and my gut were reeling.

I found myself stuck in this sort of trance of disbelief that what I was watching was actually occurring. I knew it was reality, but I was and still am struggling to accept it. I found myself at moments battling with fear and disappointment that swept over me so swiftly. I also found myself feeling anger and frustration that came on just as quickly.

And as I watched President and First Lady, well now former President and First Lady Obama take that walk to the helicopter, I found myself overcome with sadness. You know when they talk about your life flashing before you in the moments before you die? Well I guess you could liken what I experienced as I watched them take that walk to that kind of experience. Everything I loved about them, everything they’ve given and represented, it just rushed through my mind and I was overcome with emotion that it had come to an end.

Donald Trump has been in office for a weekend- one single weekend, and already I find myself exhausted by him and everyone in his immediate circle. Yet, this weekend I also witnessed the millions of people worldwide who came out in groups of hundreds of thousands to stand for what is right and against what is wrong.

In the midst of such hatred there are still so many people out there who are loving, and caring, and empathetic, and nonjudgmental, and compassionate, and tolerant, and giving, and helpful. It’s such a juxtaposition, but it is one that gives me the hope I need to keep pressing forward and joining others in the fight against oppression and suppression.



For this man I have prayed

Every day I pray for the man I’ll one day marry.

I pray for his health. His strength.

I pray that he finds the desires of his heart. That he goes on to accomplish things far bigger than his mind could ever wrap itself around.

I pray for his happiness. His peace of mind.

I pray for his protection. His ability to overcome societal oppression.

I pray for his heart. His relationship with God.

And I pray that God takes all the time he needs to mold me into someone who can help him become the man God destined him to be.

I have no clue who that man might turn out to be. I may have already met him. He may be someone I’ve yet to cross paths with.

But how incredibly beautiful to be able to stand at the altar across from that man and tell him, “I’ve prayed for you long before I even knew who you were.”

a letter to you

To all of you…

You who tried to reduce my potential because you felt unsure about your own,

You who attempted to blur my ability to see my own beauty because you couldn’t see your own,

You who made it a point to diminish the value of my accomplishments because you feared your own were not significant enough,

You who failed to be present for me in my time of need because you never knew what reliability or dependability looked like,

You who robbed me of my power and sense of security as a means to make yourselves feel more powerful,

You who took advantage of my generosity as a means of furthering your own position in the world,

You who professed your unconditional love only to take it away when you weren’t getting what you wanted –

YOU underestimated my ability to rise from the ashes. My ability to take all the broken pieces of my life, my heart, my mentality…and to reconfigure myself into someone better, stronger…

Someone capable of seeing the greatness within herself. Someone no longer needing outside approval or input to thrive. Someone who understands the power she holds, the beauty she possesses, the asset she is to all within her presence.

You tried. You failed. I stand. I rise.



Come to the realization of who you are and what you are capable of.

Once you do, it becomes easy to refuse those who treat you less than what you know yourself to be and try to diminish what you know you are capable of.


What chances would you take if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Take those chances.

A failure to take them is currently the only reason you aren’t succeeding.

Faith…as I have come to understand it

Faith to me was always defined as “the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.” That’s the first way I was taught about faith in church and naturally, I came to memorize that definition and spout it out when asked about faith. However, I really never took the time to think about what that meant. As time progressed, my idea of faith simply came down to the knowledge that God was capable of moving on my behalf.

Yet, these last few months of personal trials and tribulations has altered that definition, and ultimately my understanding of what faith actually is.

Faith is not the idea that God can move on your behalf, it is the knowledge that God will move on your behalf. Can vs. Will. See the difference yet?

Belief that God can do something still leaves room for doubt. Yes, I know God is capable, but will He for me? It is kind of reminiscent of when you were in school and asked the teacher, “Can I got to the bathroom?” Then he or she would respond, “I don’t know, can you?” When you stop at the belief that God can do something, you are kind of implying that just because He can do it doesn’t mean He will…and is that really full belief in God’s ability to move for us?

Full faith is truly trusting that not only can He, but that He will for you. It is resting in His promises, even without the physical proof that things will work out. An important component of this is letting go of our own expectations as to how God should go about moving in our lives and situations. How can you fully trust Him to bring you through when you are still trying to force your way onto his?

Faith is blind, but whole-hearted belief. It is saying, “I don’t see it, I don’t get it, but I know you will in the way and timing you see fit.”

And when you have that kind of faith, it is truly freeing because you are no longer holding on to the anxiety of the hows and whens and whys…I Know God Will. That’s it. It’s not for me to worry about. It’s not for me to figure out.

If you know that He will, then you can rest in the knowledge that whatever you need is already done. Perhaps not in your timing, perhaps not according to your criteria, but in the way and time that will best benefit you in the long-term.