Writing 201: Poetry, Day Four

Prompt: Animals     Form: Concrete Poetry     Device: Enjambment

Title: The Little Fish That Could / Strength in Numbers

                                 Small entities                                                    alone.

                        But when joined together                             they are grand.

        To the outside world they are menial.             But they know their own

  Value. They are not swayed by their obstacles or outward opinions. They

Remain focused. And they remain united. Working towards their end goal.

  Knowing that their hard work will lead to a reward greater than what any

        one thought they were capable of.                    Or what any one else

                       actually achieved                                  on their own accord.


Writing 201: Poetry, Day Three

Prompt: Trust     Form: Acrostic     Device: Internal Rhyme

Please give me your heart. The most intimate part of you.

Don’t keep it from me, for I am deserving of it; of you.

Forget the hurt from your past and trust in…

how much I love you.

Much more than you realize.

I know letting go is easier said than done, but

Love is easier than you realize once you simply let it flow.

You my love, are a treasure bringing pleasure to each of my days.

My joy, my comfort, my peace, my passion, my-


Writing 201: Poetry, Day Two

Prompt: Journey     Form: Limerick     Device: Alliteration

As I stumble slowly down the lane

I look back and ponder a path of much pain

But then I look ahead

Towards where my feet tread

And both hope and joy do I gain.

Wounded Soul

And if you promise not to revisit the wound, I promise it will heal completely. But picking and pulling at it as it heals will only prolong the process and leave a scar visible for all to see.

This I understand.

Yet the picking is so addictive.

There’s something cathartic about the process.

Perhaps it’s the control.

I just can’t stay away.

Pitfalls of an immensely talented generation

The talent this generation possesses amazes me.
The lack of motivation this generation possesses saddens me.
Oh the things we’d be able to do if only we could commit long enough to see them come into fruition.
Not exactly sure where this idea of instantaneous success came from, but let me tell you that no true success is ever instant.
Anything worth having is worth working for.
And if people would just learn to come together and collectively use their gifts and talents, there’s no limit to what could be achieved.
But division seems to be our biggest downfall.
Separating ourselves based upon petty differences trying to elevate one group over the other.
The fact is that we are all human beings.
And based upon that fact if we’d neglect the differences and unite towards a common goal…
But I suppose that’s just wishful thinking.


I lend my ear, I lend my hand, I lend my heart.

I let you use what you want when you want because you claim you need it,

but only for a short time.

I shall see it once again is the promise you make. The promise I hold on to in order to make this okay.

I’m the lender and you are the borrower.

You take and you use. One thing, then another. And another. And another.

And then it gets to a place where so many things are being “borrowed” that I can’t even keep track anymore.

I just notice things are missing.

Can’t point out exactly what they are, but it is empty.

I was always taught to give without any expectation of return, but you were just supposed to be borrowing.

The stuff you have is of great significance and I kind of need it back.

Not trying to rush you….but I would appreciate a return in the near future.