26 Ways God Reminded Me Of My Value & Success In 24 Hours On My 26th Birthday

  1. Every person in my immediate circle either called me, texted me, sent me a card/gift, or personally wished me well on my birthday. Reminder: I am loved and appreciated by every single person I love and appreciate.
  2. My kid wished me a happy birthday a million and one times today. He also offered to use his change to buy me lunch and told me repeatedly about the cake he was going to bake me. Reminder: Despite how imperfect I am and how young he is, my child loves and values me. 
  3.  I got paid on my birthday, got a paid day off on my birthday, and received a personal note of appreciation and a birthday wish from the company CEO. Reminder: The work I do is meaningful to both me and the company I work for. 
  4. A mom in an online support group I am a part of told me that I inspire her as a mother. Reminder: Other parents are watching me, and where I think I am failing someone else wishes they could be the parent I am. 
  5. Freebies! Lots and lots of freebies! Reminder: It is okay to be acknowledged and get free stuff on my special day. 
  6. Social media shout outs! Reminder: Even people I might not know personally or be that close with anymore still thought enough of me to wish me well. 
  7. I got email confirmation that my cap and gown shipped. Reminder: I got a degree.  I freaking graduated. With honors. As a single parent. Working a full-time job. Just saying.
  8. My devotional today was like God peered into my journal and just took an excerpt from it. Reminder: God hears me and cares about what I am going through. And furthermore, he is working on my behalf to meet and exceed my needs. So basically, I’m always going to be good. 
  9. I fit into a size 4 skirt. Reminder: The hard work I put in and the commitment to fitness and nutrition paid off. (Thank you Shannon Stakes for guiding me through that journey!)
  10. My mom, as always, went above and beyond to spoil me today. From the thoughtful words, to the cards, to the gifts from her and “from Jakob”, to allowing me to sleep in while she tended to Jake, and so much more. She rocks! Reminder: God loved me enough to give me the most selfless and giving mother a person could ask for. If for no other reason, I am blessed just because of her.  
  11. I woke up this morning and prepaid most of my bills for next month. Reminder: I am financially stable enough to be able to do that and still have funds to enjoy my life. (I could not say that not too long ago. Thank you GOD!)
  12. A random woman told me I was incredibly beautiful. Reminder: Even when I am insecure I was created in God’s image, so I am beautiful.
  13. A former 6th grade teacher of mine sent me a heartfelt message about how proud she was of me and how honored she felt to have been a part of my journey. Reminder: I do matter to people. Even to people I never imagined would remember me, let alone care about how I am progressing in life. 
  14. The Alumni Organization at my college wished me a happy birthday today. Reminder: I am an alumni, which means I graduated. (I know I already mentioned that, but you don’t understand how hard I worked and how unattainable that goal seemed to me at so many points during the journey.)
  15. One of our oldest and dearest family friends (Ms. Kim Brown aka Kimerberloo aka “Kimberoo” as Jake says) surprised me by popping up at my house with a bunch of balloons. Reminder: Again, I am loved. 
  16. Surprise flowers. Reminder: The people who love me remembered one of my favorite things and made sure I had them. 
  17. My college bestie showed me special love today. Reminder: Even when I have been a less than stellar friend, my real friends still love me and show me grace and mercy. 
  18. My body felt amazing! Non of the chronic pain or health related issues I battle with  daily affected me today. Reminder: God is a healer. 
  19. I got a heartfelt apology from someone who really wronged me in the past. Reminder: God is an emotional healer and allowed me to get the closure I needed with that situation.
  20. I wrote poetry in my journal today and it was really good. Reminder: I am gifted and I’ve still got it. 
  21. I was inclined to use my wellness journal for the first time today. Reminder: It is okay to prioritize myself and my well being.  
  22. I got Tia Mowry’s and Ayesha Curry’s cookbooks as gifts today. Reminder: I have developed a new passion and it is okay (and delicious) to indulge in it. 
  23. I found peace regarding something I have been stressing over. I still don’t know how it will all work out, but I do know I will be alright. Reminder: My God will supply all my needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.
  24. My child was relatively well behaved today. He only had one 3 minute melt-down, two mini attitudes, and only spilled two things today. That is a huge improvement! Reminder: God will give me peace and allow me to enjoy myself when I need it most. 
  25. I did not have one negative thought about myself today. Reminder: It is possible and healthy to think highly of myself. (I need to do it more often.)
  26. I was happy today. Like deep down from the inside filled with pure happiness. Reminder: True joy is possible and it is what God wants for me. 

So basically, turning 26 isn’t as bad as I thought it might be.


One thought on “26 Ways God Reminded Me Of My Value & Success In 24 Hours On My 26th Birthday

  1. Margaret Bernard says:

    This is wonderful! It reminds us all that God is forever Faithful. So happy for you.

    Sent from my iPad


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