we need you

When I originally wrote the blog post “with sincerest thanks to the woman on the bicycle”
it was with the intent of raising awareness. I wanted women of all ages to understand that unfortunately events like the one that occurred are common and that we must band together to protect and assist one another. But as the events of last week sat with me and replayed in my mind, my message shifted from one for women to one for men.
If you are a man who loves a woman; a mother, daughter, sister, wife, fiance, girlfriend or friend, then please take a stand for ALL women when you are a witness to instances of harassment, disrespect, and abuse. Don’t ignore. Don’t assume they can handle it on their own. Don’t take the “it’s not my problem” stance. It is a problem that belongs to us all. These aren’t issues that can solely be combated by women alone. We need to know that the men in our lives and the men in society are willing to protect us, defend us, and intervene for us when we need it. How much sooner could the incident involving me have come to a halt had the 3 men I encountered spoke up or stood up for me?

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