For this man I have prayed

Every day I pray for the man I’ll one day marry.

I pray for his health. His strength.

I pray that he finds the desires of his heart. That he goes on to accomplish things far bigger than his mind could ever wrap itself around.

I pray for his happiness. His peace of mind.

I pray for his protection. His ability to overcome societal oppression.

I pray for his heart. His relationship with God.

And I pray that God takes all the time he needs to mold me into someone who can help him become the man God destined him to be.

I have no clue who that man might turn out to be. I may have already met him. He may be someone I’ve yet to cross paths with.

But how incredibly beautiful to be able to stand at the altar across from that man and tell him, “I’ve prayed for you long before I even knew who you were.”


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