a letter to you

To all of you…

You who tried to reduce my potential because you felt unsure about your own,

You who attempted to blur my ability to see my own beauty because you couldn’t see your own,

You who made it a point to diminish the value of my accomplishments because you feared your own were not significant enough,

You who failed to be present for me in my time of need because you never knew what reliability or dependability looked like,

You who robbed me of my power and sense of security as a means to make yourselves feel more powerful,

You who took advantage of my generosity as a means of furthering your own position in the world,

You who professed your unconditional love only to take it away when you weren’t getting what you wanted –

YOU underestimated my ability to rise from the ashes. My ability to take all the broken pieces of my life, my heart, my mentality…and to reconfigure myself into someone better, stronger…

Someone capable of seeing the greatness within herself. Someone no longer needing outside approval or input to thrive. Someone who understands the power she holds, the beauty she possesses, the asset she is to all within her presence.

You tried. You failed. I stand. I rise.



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