when I can’t, God can

One of the most challenging things for me to do as a person who feels so much empathy and compassion for others, is to sit back and watch the people I care for struggle. It is my natural instinct to want to do everything in my power to help them bear their burden, to help them cope with their circumstances, to help alleviate their pain. And when I find myself unable to help them despite my best efforts I am filled with frustration. Frustration because I simply have to sit back and watch them hurt and struggle and that goes against any natural instinct that comes with loving a person.

Yet, when I find myself incapable of doing anything in the natural I know the power of prayer extends far beyond my reach. And though my words or actions may not offer the comfort they need, God can reach them where they are, bring peace to their heart, and turn their circumstances around in ways I nor any other human being could. So I rest on the promises of God for their lives and wait patiently for the testimony they will share when God moves for them like only he can.


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