Switching up the Style

In case you haven’t noticed I’ve made some changes to my blog. When I first created this blog 5 or so years ago, my ultimate purpose was to simply share my inner thoughts and feelings as a way to release emotions and give people some deeper insight into who I am.

As I have grown, I’ve wanted to shift my focus from being solely about me, to being about others. So now I am doing some restructuring in order to create a blog that empowers and betters others. This means I’ll be sharing more things to uplift and encourage- inspirational quotes, devotionals, reflections from personal experiences, and even reviews of certain products. But that doesn’t mean I’ll be any less real, honest, or vulnerable. I’ll still be sharing my inner thoughts, questions, feelings, and stories on a regular basis.

Ultimately, all this means is that I’m giving you a bit more in terms of content and organizing the blog a little better so you can quickly access the content you enjoy the most.

If you strictly like my product reviews, then you can click the tab for that. If you want to get a glimpse at my inner thoughts, then you can click the tab for that. Or maybe you want more insight into my life or walk with Christ- well then you guessed it, you can click the tabs for that.

Over time you might see some new tabs and sub-tabs pop up, but the overall structure will remain the same for quite awhile.

So please check out the new format and let me know what you think.


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