life lessons

In a week’s time I have had a laptop hard drive crash, a cell phone screen shatter, and discovered that my kid’s foot magically grew overnight meaning his entire shoe collection needs replacing. And upon the happening of each of these events I felt more and more stressed about money that I couldn’t really afford to spend needing to be spent.

And then today I was grocery shopping (yet another expense) and decided to get myself a sub from Subway since I knew I’d be too tired to actually make myself a meal later. Upon placing the last grocery bag in the trunk of the car a man approached me asking for cash to get something to eat. I’m not someone who carries cash around and so I informed him I had no spare change.

As he turned to walk away I felt a tug at my heart and before I could even process the words coming out of my mouth I had offered the man my meal. He looked at me and said, “Really? You don’t want it?” A question to which I replied, “If you want it, it is yours.” The man took the meal and thanked me and went on his way.

When I got in the car I knew it was God who had tugged at my heart. And I also felt incredibly grateful that despite my own economic turmoil I had the finances to be able to make a difference in this man’s day.

And as softly as He nudged me to give that man my meal, God reminded me that it is my willingness to give to others and my willingness to obey that would ensure all of my needs and desires were met.

There is a lesson in everything if you are open to it. Glad I was paying attention.


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