To All Moms on Mother’s Day: Reflections from A Daughter You’ve Touched

Did I do enough? Did I do it right? Did I make a difference?

Just three of the many questions that scroll through your mind every single day you spend raising your children. My son is only two years old and I’ve had those doubts and many more countless times of my own.

All moms want to know in some way, shape, or form that they did something right. That their children got the message. That their children feel loved. That all the years of effort and energy wasn’t in vain.

Well rest assured moms, because you have done an exemplary job.

No, I’m not perfect. Yes, I make mistakes (constantly). But don’t ever let those moments rob you of your sense of accomplishment. And don’t ever let society make you feel that your role as a mother is less significant than your role in an office or a boardroom.

We fail to recognize you as often as we should for all of the sacrifices you’ve made. We fail to acknowledge all the advice you’ve given that we really did take. We fail to demonstrate the appreciation we have for all the ways you’ve made us feel loved and valued. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t appreciate you or love you- because we really, really do!

The most significant job you’ve ever had started the moment you realized you were pregnant. Or the moment you chose to adopt. Or the moment you decided to become a foster parent. Or whatever moment it was that you took on the role of loving, supporting, guiding, and giving to a young life- And you’ve done it well.

We don’t judge you as harshly as you think we do. We don’t hold your parental mistakes against you as deeply or as long as you think we do. You’re human- we know. And we love you just as much when you totally screw things up as we do when you flawlessly execute a plan.

Your perfections have shown us what a woman of value and high standards should be. How a woman of high quality should carry herself. How a woman of God should depend on Christ to guide her life. And your imperfections have shown us how we can recover from our mistakes. How being human comes with valuable lessons. How flaws make us unique.

You are Mom. Mother. Mommy, when it comes to my own mother. You are love. You are strength. You are comfort. You are peace. You are guidance. You are joy. You are support. You are friend.

You are and have always been more than enough. Taught us more than enough. Imparted in us more than enough. Given us way more than enough.

You are the most valuable person we’ll ever know. The one who carried us within her and then gave every single ounce of herself to ensure all of our needs and wants were met.

I know how to love others because you love me unconditionally. I know how to forgive others because you never held my mistakes against me. I know how to give because I watched you sacrifice time and money and energy just to see me smile. I know how to trust God because I watched you walk through uncertainties with undying faith. Every single great quality about me stems from you in some way, shape, or form.

We love you Mom- please never doubt that.

Happy Mother’s Day


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