Insta Natural Advanced Repair Scar Gel

I am a product junkie. I admit it. And as a product junkie I am always on the hunt for something fresh and new that is going to make me look or feel better inside and outside.

In my late teen years I battled with acne as many people do and because I often couldn’t resist the urge to leave those little blemishes alone, I have some scars on my face that I am not happy about. Though over the years they have faded and decreased in size, I found myself still looking for a product that would rapidly help those remaining horrible reminders of acne fade for good- enter Insta Natural Advanced Repair Scar Gel.

scar gel

My favorite thing about this product is the ingredients. It is formulated with Sea Kelp Bioferment, Green Tea, Gotu Kola, among other ingredients as well as Epidermal Growth Factor- a naturally occurring protein which stimulates the healing process.

The product is light and it didn’t clog my pores which is vital for me because I break out really easily. My skin felt really refreshed and the natural ingredients were great for my sensitive skin. I’d say the only negative remark I have about the product is that it left my skin feeling really dry afterwards, so I had to immediately put on a light moisturizer afterwards. One other critique which really isn’t a negative so much as a tiny unpleasantry is the smell of the product. It wasn’t a horrible smell, just not my personal favorite. However, nothing that would keep me from using the product.

In the 35 days since I have been using the product, I have seen a reduction in the size of my remaining scars as well as a great deal of fading. One scar in particular on my forehead was actually a bit raised and since using this product it has gone down.

So overall I’d give the product a 9/10. It is something I have actually reordered and plan to keep around my house for continued use.

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review.


2 thoughts on “Insta Natural Advanced Repair Scar Gel

  1. Adrienne says:

    I’ll be sure to search for it online and give it a try, since I have a few scars I’d love to see fade, decrease or disappear. Thanks for the recommendation!

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