there are points in my life where I just up and decide that ‘Today is THE day’.

That statement can be linked to a handful of decisions I’ve made when I have come to the conclusion that life in its current state just isn’t doing it for me, and that I have to come out of whatever I am in at this very moment in time.

Today is the day….that’s the statement the follows a period of stagnancy and ignites a period of rapid growth and development in my life. It’s the desire to move beyond the ordinary and into the realm of the extraordinary. It’s the fuel to the fire within my soul that says it’s either now or never…and of course it’s now.

These moments hit me ever so often and propel me to the next phase of life. The next big decision. The next big move. The next big idea. These moments keep me from falling into complacency with how good things are by reminding me of how much bigger and better they could be.

These are the moments I live for.

Today is in fact THE day where things will once again change for the better in ways bigger than I have ever dreamed.

Now onward….


5 thoughts on “progression

  1. It is relatable and powerful. These points in our lives which come from within do change us for the better. May your life be full of such points so that others can be inspired by your words. Loved reading them 🙂

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