personal happiness tip #11- You don’t have to explain yourself to everyone

You owe no one an explanation. No one.

I think in this world of social media where we have instant access to everyone at all times, there is this overarching idea that we have the right to know the whats and the whys of everyone’s life. And you know what- that notion is utterly ridiculous.

In the past I have broken my back to try to get people in my life to understand why I was choosing a certain path or to agree with a decision I was making in my life.

But that is just it- it is MY LIFE.

I am the person living it. I am the person responsible for it. And so I am the only person in the equation of my life that ultimately matters (aside from God of course).

When you stop caring about what others are going to say, how others are going to see you, what others are going to think, you cure yourself of PPS- People Pleasing Syndrome. Because that is really all explaining yourself to someone is- trying to get them to understand what you are doing and why and then agree with it or support you.

Now I am not saying you can’t or shouldn’t have people in your life who you are accountable to. I am simply saying that every person in your life is not someone you need to feel like you are accountable to.

Live your life. Enjoy your life. And keep the circle of people whom you share things with small (I mean really tiny). There are a lot of people out there who only care about what you have going on because they want to one up you. The less people know the better.


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