How 2014 Has Prepared Me To Walk Into 2015

2014 was a year.

A year of highs and lows. A year of good and bad. A year of failures and successes.

That could actually describe just about every year I have ever lived, but what set 2014 apart from any other year I have ever experienced has been the profound sense of drive, passion, and purpose I have had- and that ultimately connects back to the profoundly enlightening and enriching relationship I have come to have with God.

What 2014 has taught me is that I, on my own, am capable of much less than when I choose to partner with God- someone whose promises to me are grand, someone whose purpose for me is monumental, someone whose loyalty to me never fades, and someone whose love for me reaches beyond the greatest heights and lowest depths.

In 2014, out of sheer helplessness and hurt and hopelessness I made a decision to turn over every aspect of my life to Christ. And in 2014 I watched God heal my hurts, transform my situation, and bless me in ways that far exceeded any prayer request I had ever offered up.

The moment I switched my focus from pursuing a man, or a job, or an educational pursuit, or an opportunity and decided to focus on pursuing God, He then brought all of that into my life (well minus the man part, though He has shown me that is on the horizon).

I am blessed beyond measure. God’s favor has encompassed me and walked before me, opening doors and allowing me to be ushered into His peace, joy, and stability.

And with that I am ready and excited to enter into 2015 with the undeniable confidence that my needs are met and that my steps are ordered.



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