What you are is a reflection of what you’ve done

I think that too often people do not want to take responsibility for their lives and their choices. It is far easier to quote cliches such as “Everything happens for a reason”, than to come to the conclusion that where you are is a direct or indirect reflection of a choice you made at one point in time.

It is this understanding that often separates the mature from the immature in life. At some point you stop blaming everyone else and everything else and empower yourself with the knowledge that you can improve your own life by making wiser decisions.

Granted things do happen to us. We are occasionally put into situations and made to face circumstances that we have no control over. And most people become stuck in what happen[ed] to them. They wallow in shame or guilt or self-pity and fail to take control of the situation. But note that what happened to you is in the past. It has already occurred and that cannot be changed. What can be changed is your attitude. What can be changed is your outlook. What can be changed is what you choose to do with what happened to you.


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