The mountain top

I’ve come from the valley to the peak of the mountain- the most beautiful place to be. I’m perfectly positioned at the very top overlooking two very different places. Behind me is the low from where I came. The valley full of death and destruction that tried to swallow me. And yet I preserved. Climbing one slow and small step at a time up the mountain to where I now stand. Then there’s the view in front of me. The promise land- filled with all of the blessings God said were mine. Blessings that at one time were more fantasy than reality. At yet I see them all laid out before me now. And even more powerful is the fact that I see how close I am to walking into those very blessings- reserved just for me. I’m grateful for where I came from because I understand that without those treacherous steps I wouldn’t be this close to my dreams and my destiny.


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