Soul Connection

What a compliment you are to me.
Where I’m weak you’re strong. Where you lack I’m capable. You possess knowledge that I’ve failed to obtain. I exhibit qualities you’ve yet to master. And despite our individual shortcomings, there’s never any desire to point out each other’s flaws. Because we don’t see them as flaws at all. Rather they’re simply notches on a beam that keep us balanced. For if we both were as spontaneous as you are, we’d overlook the minor details needed to keep us on track. And if we both were as consistent as I am, we’d never experience the joys that come from randomly pursuing opportunities. And yes I’m an (overly) emotional being, but that makes the love I have for you more passionate.
And yes you’re a rational, analytical being, but that only helps to secure our future by ensuring we are making sound decisions. And ultimately, though the way we go about things differs, we are both working towards the same goals. We have the same desires.The same passions. And we have the same desire to see one another succeed. The same desire to succeed with one another. Because we’ve discovered that life’s joys aren’t as enjoyable without each other to share them with. Because we’ve discovered that real joy is seeing the person you love achieve what they’ve set out to do.

Frequently there are moments in my life where I question what I’m doing. Where I’m headed. Whether I’m making the right decisions. But never do I ever have to question us. Because in spite of arguments and disagreements and distance and hardships, we never cease to stay connected. And in fact it is those very things that draw us closer. Make us appreciate one another more. Give us greater insight into who we are and how we can be better for one another.

I understand what a soulmate is. My soul’s mate. A partner. A friend. A confidant. A mirror through which I can see myself as I am, while also viewing the person you see I have the potential to be.

You don’t complete me….
You enhance me. And for that I’m eternally grateful.


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