Making my way through blogs…

As promised a long time ago, I have been taking a long and hard look at all of my followers’ blogs (for those that have them). Some blogs I am choosing to follow and others I am not, but I am thoroughly reading all of them. ALL of them.

What I have noticed as I have begun this process of examining the writings of others is how unique we all are while still being so similar.

We are all using the same mode to tell our stories, share our feelings, and give our viewpoints. Yet, what we have to say and how we choose to say it is all so different.

I mean really, when it all boils down we are using the same words….yet, we blend them in a variety of ways to get our point across.

Even when we focus on the same topics, I can get a totally different perspective on the matter from each person’s writing.

It’s a beautiful thing honestly. It’s an inspiring thing.

Yes, I am inspired by my followers.

Your talent. Your rawness. Your honesty. Your humor. You.

So keep writing. Your creativity is appreciated.



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