There is something about a love without conditions

Unconditional love may very well be the best gift we could ever receive from another human being. Being loved in and of itself is beautiful, but when that love is unqualified, unreserved, unlimited, unrestricted, and unquestioned -that is the kind of love that is life changing.
A love without conditions is a love that accepts you for who you are. The good. The bad. The ugly. A love that is not based upon what you have or what you can offer. It is a love that loves you regardless of age, gender, race, economic status, educational status, looks, flaws, and whatever else the shallowness of the world has deceived us into thinking is a necessity in a loving relationship. It is a love that is without limits. It won’t stop when you make a mistake or when your physical appearance changes. It is a love that won’t fade as time passes. That won’t diminish because of circumstances. It is a love that won’t be hidden. It will be on display for everyone to see and to know about. Unconditional love really allows us to be our best. It is motivational. It is inspiring. It is encouraging. It pushes us to want to be who that other person believes we can be. It pushes others to higher heights. It is the best love out there. In fact, I dare to say it is the only kind of love that exists. Can it really be love if it comes with stipulations? Can it really be love if the concern is what will be gained in return? And that is what is so risky about it. When you choose to love someone unconditionally, you are doing so with the realization that it may not be reciprocated. With the understanding that at the end of the journey you may have nothing to show for it. But if you can ever get to a place in a relationship with a person (mate, friend, etc.) where you are so comfortable that those risks seem like anthills in comparison to the mountain that is loving that other person, you are in a great spot. So many people find themselves in that in-between space where they recognize that they have the potential to love a person that deeply, but then won’t allow themselves to go there because they shift the focus back on themselves. “What happens to me if they don’t feel the same?” “What do I do if it doesn’t work out?” BUT what if it does work? What if they do feel the same? What if your unconditional love opens the door to something amazing? And even if things don’t work out, what if you opened that other person’s eyes to the idea that people can love them that deeply? Ultimately the unconditional love you have for others is not about you; it is about the other person. So if you do love a person, do so wholeheartedly. That’s honestly the only way it has any meaning.


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