here i am…if only for one moment

Humbly I kneel at your feet.
Honored by the opportunity I have been given to bask in your greatness.
In your talent.
In your beauty.
Trying to soak up all of you that I can in the few moments I have with you.
Trying to learn all that I can as you speak. As you write. As you work your craft.
I am inspired by you. Yet, I sit at your feet intimidated as well.
You know who you are- what you were designed to do- how to use your skill to do what it is you were designed to do.
I find myself still in a discovery phase. Possessing raw talent with uncertainties about how to use it. Uncertainties about where it shall take me.
I ask questions.
You give no answers.
Only more questions, which cause me to search deeper inside myself for what is deeply embedded inside of me.
You see things in me I have yet to uncover. You see deeper inside me than I have been able to.
Yet rather than share with me the vision you see, you make me do the work required to discover that vision for myself.
I am tired. Frustrated. Confused. Baffled. Unsure. But searching. Ever searching in pursuit of the greatness you keep telling me I have.


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