What I’m Worth

I want someone who is exuberant in their love for me.
Someone who loves me so much that they are bursting at the seams with how they feel about me.
That every action they take and every word they speak somehow in some small way is a reflection of how they feel about me.
That those around us-friends, family, and even strangers know that we share an incredible love by the way we speak to one another, or look at each other, or speak of one another.
Someone who thinks about me constantly and not just when it’s convenient.
Someone who not only needs me in their life but desperately wants me to be there as well.
Someone who thoroughly enjoys being with me. And not just physically, but actually just being with me. In the moment. Watching tv, having a conversation, eating dinner, going on a walk, or doing nothing at all.
Someone I can count on to love and support me in the most challenging of times. To encourage me, and uplift me just as I do for them… regularly.
Someone who isn’t deterred by distance, or negativity, or obstacles, or anything. Someone who will fight to be with me. Fight for our relationship no matter what.
Someone who can’t stay mad at me. Someone who will do whatever needs to be done to ensure that any feelings that don’t reflect our love and happiness are resolved as quickly as possible.
Someone who will miss me when I’m away. Whether it’s for 3 minutes, 3 hours, or 3 years. Someone who recognizes that life without me is a poor existence and fights to keep me there.
Someone who will love me deeply where I’m at but will push me to reach the greater potential within me.
Someone who is proud to be with me. Proud to show me off-but not as a trophy, as a partner. A lover. A friend.
Someone who will reaffirm their love for me daily. With words of appreciation. With gestures of kindness and simplicity. With looks of admiration. With touches of affection.

I think I deserve that. I think I’m worth that.
And thus I wait…


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