Signed and Sealed….Delivery to be determined

I wrote a letter.
A letter about us.
A letter about you.
A letter about how you make me feel.
A letter I have no intentions of giving you.
But a letter nonetheless.
A letter filled with the most intimate thoughts about you. About how you impact me. About how you move me. About how I feel when I am with you…and without you.
A letter.
A letter packed with so much emotional content it should be rated D for Drake.
But a letter nevertheless.
A letter I don’t think you could handle.
A letter I am almost certain you wouldn’t appreciate.
But it’s a letter. Addressed to you. Signed with love and affection.
Just waiting.
Waiting for the right time.
Waiting for the right moment.
A moment that indeed may never come.
And that is alright.
Because if the right time never comes at least I said what I needed to say. Released it from my spirit and out into the world.
Even if you never get a glimpse of what was in my heart there is proof that I felt the way I did. That you meant what you meant to me. That what we shared was real and special.

“…And I’mma sit down with this pen and make a list
Of all the things I think you should know
Even though they don’t do this no more,
Cause you’re worth it, I’m writing you this letter.
And once I ink it, you can keep this thing forever.
This letter.” – B. Smyth


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