Read All About It

Some people can never make it to the end of a novel.
It starts out exciting and gripping. Anxious to turn each page. Can’t put it down. And then the content becomes less appealing. The details vital, but because they don’t evoke excitement they lose value in the eyes of the reader. Interest fades and the quest for a new book begins.
If only, if only the reader had the maturity to push through the meat of the novel.
Then perhaps he would have found the most spectacular ending and a sequel to follow.
But instead the novel gets placed aside and replaced by another “more exciting” title. In sight to watch the reader enjoy another and for the reader to occasionally glance at and ponder revisiting. But never quite enough motivation to pick it back up.
So the novel just becomes one of many. Discarded in the hopes of finding a better one. When really the best one was the one the reader started off with.


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