More than it’s worth

I have unrealistic standards for many people in my life.

I have fallen into the thinking that because I would do something for someone, it is to be expected that they would do the same for me.

Big Mistake. Why? Because it involves Expectation.

I am a unique person separate from everyone else. What I do and what others do won’t always correlate no matter how much I want it to. No matter how much I feel like I deserve for it to.

People do what they want. When they want.

You can’t motivate them, persuade them, or help them do something they are not ready to do on their own.

Ultimately, people are their own motivation. No matter how wonderful you are or how justified you are in expecting certain things. if that person is not willing and ready to on their own it just won’t happen.

Stop falling into the trap of thinking you can change someone. They are just as grown as you are. Just like you made a decision to step it up, they too can do the same if they please.

Evaluate where people are and determine if that works for you. If not, keep it moving rather than holding on and trying to be Mr. Fix It. You’re wasting time, energy, ad resources you could be dedicating to some other worthy person or cause.


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