Questions Continued

It has recently been brought to my attention that I have an inbox full of questions that I have yet to answer. My apologies. Charge it to my head and not my heart.
With that being said:

Question 9: “What’s your dream location to live?”

I would love to settle down in California when it’s all said and done. I think that would be a great place to really just enjoy life, but that’s a place I don’t think I want to be until later in life. New York is AMAZING to me. I love the big city and most things about it, so if I ended up there that would be grand. It’s possible….and may be in the near future. Who knows?

Question 10: “What was your favorite college experience?”

Freshman year was one big epic experience for me. I can’t really single out one moment or one experience to say that was the best or that was my favorite. Freshman year was seriously the most fun time in my life. And probably the most eye-opening too in terms of revealing things about myself.


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