Pitfalls of an immensely talented generation

The talent this generation possesses amazes me.
The lack of motivation this generation possesses saddens me.
Oh the things we’d be able to do if only we could commit long enough to see them come into fruition.
Not exactly sure where this idea of instantaneous success came from, but let me tell you that no true success is ever instant.
Anything worth having is worth working for.
And if people would just learn to come together and collectively use their gifts and talents, there’s no limit to what could be achieved.
But division seems to be our biggest downfall.
Separating ourselves based upon petty differences trying to elevate one group over the other.
The fact is that we are all human beings.
And based upon that fact if we’d neglect the differences and unite towards a common goal…
But I suppose that’s just wishful thinking.


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