a dedication to those who have gone too soon

There is little humanity in human beings.

The ability to take a life without a second thought….it stuns me. It scares me.

I can’t even kill a bug, let alone consider killing a human being. A person who like me was made in the image of God. A person that God created to be on the earth to fulfill a profound purpose.

The audacity of another feeble-minded, simplistic individual to think he/she holds the power to determine when someone else lives or dies. It is shameful. It is disgusting.

To think of all the lives lost as a result of  senseless violence. All because a heat of the moment feeling or desire motivated a person to act impulsively and foolishly.

I have been impacted by such violence on a personal level within my own family. Rest in Peace my angel Julien. And now yet another amazing man has died senselessly. Rest in Peace Omar.

To think that the world did not get the opportunity to know these men and countless other men, women, and children in the light that we as family members and friends did. Their smiles. Their dedication. Their love. Their wisdom. To think that we will never have another opportunity to share a call, a hug, a laugh with that person again.

It hurts. It is confusing. It makes little sense.

Life is so precious. The legacies of these men are great. The goal is to highlight their legacies and uplift them by being the people they inspired us to be. By taking what they taught us and letting it reflect in all we do.

Falling into a pit of sadness and grief is so easy to do and it is tempting, but what a disgrace to who they were if we did so.

So here is to a man who I loved more than life itself. Though years have passed, the place in my heart reserved for you is still there and burning with a fiery passion. You made one of the most profound impacts in my life and I refuse to let you or what you stood for slip away because of how you died.

And to a man who made days a bit easier with his smile and life seem more reasonable with his words of advice and wisdom. May your legacy live on in all those you touched at Howard and beyond.

May the love I have in my heart and the prayers I have in my soul be felt by those to whom they are directed.


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