Let’s talk about love

Question 7: “How do you describe being in love? Have you ever been in love?”

Boy oh boy. The age old love question. Can’t say I didn’t see it coming. Can say I was hoping it didn’t. Only because the complexities of love prove to be one subject I find it truly hard to write about. Love. Being in love. It is such an overwhelming feeling. A beautifully, intense, roller coaster of a feeling. There is nothing more wonderful and more painful at the same time. Wonderful because it is such an emotional high. It is like floating in the sky with angels. A harmonious connection with a human being. But it is that very connection that can create pain. Pain when you are unable to let go of someone who has moved on (via choice or death). Pain from tolerating the unacceptable because you just can’t let go. Love is a feeling and love is an action. You feel love for another. You are in love with another. But then you express love for another via your actions. Love is everything. Even the Bible says God is love. I don’t think you can truly experience life at its fullest without love. It’s the bond between mother and child. The connection between husband and wife. The tie between friends. It is love.

Have I ever been in love? Simply answered, yes. But I know you want more than the simple answer. I thought I was in love with an individual for quite some time. Having not been in love before I had nothing to compare it to. I liked that individual very much, cared about that individual very much, and wanted the best for that individual very much. So I just assumed I was “in love”. And then I came across someone with whom my heart truly connected. I mean the roots of my soul connected with this person on levels I did not even know existed. And it was at that point I knew I hadn’t been in love at all. In like, yes. In lust, probably. But not at all in love. The person with who I was actually in love with opened my eyes in so many ways. This person showed me all the right about love and even in those less than pleasant moments that love didn’t fade on either side so I knew it was genuine. The kind of love I shared with this person is the kind of love that lets me know there is a God. A God who can create a human being to be everything he wants for you. A kind of God that thinks enough of you to design that type of person and place them in your life for whatever amount of time he has already predestined. It’s a kind of love I think everyone is meant to experience at some point in their lives, but a kind of love that many people unfortunately miss out on for a host of reasons.


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