Pictorial Review


To reflect on things past.

I assume that is why we take pictures.

To remember the good times. The times that were so wonderful we had to take those few seconds and snap a shot. A shot so that one day we could look back and laugh, smile, or talk about that time.

That time we went to that concert. That time we went on vacation. That time we had a baby. That time we graduated. That time we got our first car.

That Time.

There was something about That Time that made it so significant that we wanted to solidify it In Time.

To post it on a social media site. To send it to friends and family. To make a scrapbook out of it.

That Time.

Pictures are full of That Time. A collection of That Time. It’s good to remember That Time, and to make more memories that can be stored away in the same file.


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