Heart Trouble

We had a conversation one day. A conversation over the phone, and at some point you blurted out that I had a heart problem. Confused by the randomness of the statement, I asked for clarity. You proceeded to tell me that you could sense I had a heart condition and you wanted to know what it was. I told you I had a heart murmur. A heart murmur that I have had since I was born. A hole in my heart. Causes no issues, it’s just there. That seemed to satisfy your curiosity and I didn’t push the issue any further. But I couldn’t help but think that wasn’t the answer you were looking for. That the heart condition you were referencing had to deal with something that wasn’t at all physical. There is no medical term for it nor a way to truly explain it. But I feel you sensed it when you asked that question. Not obviously seen or known but just there. You accepted my answer but it wasn’t the one you were after. Yet, I still think you got what you were looking for that day.


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