Relationship Essentials

Question 5: “What do you think are the most important things in order to have a successful relationship? And why?”

In no specific order, here are my selections and the reasons behind them:

Christ. God is the foundation of success in general, so in order for a relationship to succeed God has to be in the middle of it as well. God provides direction and clarity to help guide individuals in the right direction as a unit.

Communication. Communication offers clarity in a relationship. How is a couple supposed to be happy and thrive when there is an inability to express thoughts, ideas, feelings, etc between each other? Communication, verbally or otherwise, is the means by which couples are able to grow closer to one another and that is needed for a relationship to succeed in the end.

Commitment. I think people too easily give up these days. There is no motivation to stick it out. It seems like love isn’t enough to keep people together and petty issues ruin relationships everyday. When two people can make a serious commitment to give their all in a relationship, most issues can be overcome.

Consistency. People have to follow through with what they say they are going to do. The whole saying one thing and doing another simple does not work. And the whole doing something once is a blue moon is not enough either. People need to know that they can rely on their partner. If you are not regularly doing what needs to be done to maintain the relationship then your partner won’t feel as if he/she can depend on you.


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