Answers to your Questions…the beginning

Turns out that a lot of my followers are quite shy. I got a lot of questions via e-mail. A lot more questions than I expected.

I do plan to answer all of them and I am committing to answering somewhere between 3-5 questions a day until they all get addressed.

So here it goes…

1) “Where do you think you got your knack for writing?”

There are 2 answers to that question. First and foremost, God. He definitely put the desire in my heart to write and has blessed me with the talent to go alongside that desire. Second, I would say my grandfather. He was an impeccable writer. I’m not even 10% of the writer he was. I have learned a lot from him and gained a lot from him.

2) “What is your favorite thing about yourself?”

Physically, my legs. They are lean and toned and they look AMAZING in heels. Internally, I think it is my willingness to give. I give my all when it comes to everything. In my work, in my relationships, and just in general. Giving just brings me a lot of satisfaction and joy.

3) “What is the biggest regret you have?”

My initial response to this is that I don’t have any regrets because you learn and grow from the mistakes you make. Have I learned from my mistakes – Absolutely. But I think that response is just a cop out. Everyone has things they wish they didn’t do even if they did learn from them. Without going into depth, my biggest regret is a person, or rather a relationship with a person that turned very bad, very quickly. I allowed myself to be mistreated and disrespected in ways that went against everything I have ever believed in and put myself through some unnecessary trauma. I’m so blessed to have made it out of that situation with a much greater understanding of what I would and wouldn’t accept, a much deeper love for myself, and a personal testimony that has already blessed those I have actually shared it with.


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