I Don’t Even Know

What is it that I am looking for?

What if I’ve found what I was looking for and simply let it slip away from me?

Or what if what I am looking for is staring me dead in my face and I am too preoccupied by other things to even notice?

Perhaps I have yet to come across what it is I am looking for.

But then again, if I don’t know what I am looking for how will I know if it has crossed my path?

How can I identify what I’m missing in my life?

It seems that I have virtually everything I need to be fulfilled, and yet there is still some level of emptiness.

Perhaps things will just click into place one day. Or maybe I’ll just have to do some extensive searching.


3 thoughts on “I Don’t Even Know

  1. Margaret Bernard says:

    You haven’t found it yet because there is an “Appointed Time”. There is a time for everything under the sun, and when the time for that thing comes, not even wild horses will be able to keep that thing from you.

  2. I think that if we stop looking and focus on all our blessings around us, everything falls into place and maybe you find that what’s missing has been there all along! 🙂

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