it’s the simple things that make me smile

I love waking up to the smell of a home-cooked breakfast. I’m talking pancakes, sausage, eggs, grits, and biscuits with some fresh fruit and orange juice on the side.

I love singing and dancing in the shower before I get ready for the day.

I love picking my outfit for the day. It’s a simple way to express myself daily.

I love blasting the radio when I go out. And “singing” my heart out to my favorite songs.

I love lunch breaks. I think of them as a mini escape in the middle of my day.

I love writing. Writing in my journal. Writing on my blog. Writing for work. Writing for fun. Writing for others. Writing for myself. Just writing.

I love exercising. It’s when I can release my frustration, tension, sadness, disappointment, or  whatever I am feeling. And the payoff is a healthier lifestyle and an awesome body. No complaints there.

I love catching up with friends. Girls Night Out, Skype,  and FaceTime are wondrous things.

I love the sun. It gives me life. But I can get with the rain too, as long as I have Netflix.

I love discovering a good book. Reading is an adventure that takes me away from the unpleasantness of life.

I love Leonardo DiCaprio. He’s had me since Titanic. He knows how to pick a good role and he knows how to play a good role. Fan for life.

I love dinner. Nothing like coming home after a long day of work or just a long day of being out to a delicious meal.

(Note how I mentioned I love breakfast, lunch breaks, and dinner. Guess I just love food.)

I love steaming hot showers before bed. The kind that fog up the mirror. It’s like I am washing the weight of the world off of my shoulders. So relaxing.

I love candles. Vanilla is my favorite. It’s delicious.

I love putting on something , I don’t know, sexy, before bed regardless of if it’s for someone else or just me. I sleep better when I feel good.

I love dreaming. It’s kind of like a book in motion in my mind. Bizarre, exciting, and a bunch of other things. Nothing like being entertained while you rest.

I love waking up and doing it all over again.


6 thoughts on “it’s the simple things that make me smile

  1. I love you Love List. I created one like this in a Creative Writing class years ago. Every now & then I create a new one and it let’s me know where my passions lie.

    Nice job!

    Paulette Motzko

      • I am glad you liked my idea of updating your “passions.

        “We are like a ship on the sea. As the waves of life change, we have to change with it!”-

        Paulette Le Pore Motzko

        Totally Inspired Mind

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