To be or….well you know

To be with me or to be WITH me.

Quite a huge distinction there, though most don’t seem to know it.

One involves the superficial. The unofficial. The, I’m here when it’s convenient for me. The, I can technically do what I want because we aren’t really together.

The other involves commitment. Security. The, I’m sticking it out. The, I have your best interest at heart.

To be in me or to be IN me.

One involves the sexual. The no strings attached. The just for the moment (night, weekend…). The selfish. The, I only care about what I am getting out of this.

The other involves the whole of me and the whole of you. Joining as one on all levels. The, I put you above me. The, we’re so connected that your being is a part of me.

The lines I’ve drawn are black and white. For everyone else the lines seem to be blurred.

I’m more interested in the definite than the maybe. No room for the in between. The younger me was more flexible. More tolerant. Well actually, just a lot more dumb and less secure.

The me that I have grown into wants some stability, security, and realness.

Where can I find that? Or rather, who can I find that in?


2 thoughts on “To be or….well you know

  1. This reminds me of Martin Buber’s difference between ‘I and it’ vs. ‘I and thou’, one is where the other is just there as an it to fulfill our needs the other is a sacred endless bound…

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