No turning back

I thought I knew happiness before I even knew you existed. Thought I knew what it meant to truly love and be loved.

It’s amazing how in an instant you can realize that everything you thought you knew was wrong.

Life completely changes in that instant. You’re forced to face the error of your previous logic and open your eyes to this new realm of living.

A realm that vastly differs from the reality you were at one time so comfortable with. So sure of.

There’s perhaps nothing more humbling than realizing you were wrong. And maybe nothing more mature than being open to what you now know to be right.

I knew what I thought happiness was, but I now know what Joy is. I knew what I thought love was, but now I’ve experienced Passion.

Once you discover the truth there is no going back into the darkness. You are now accountable for what you know.

And knowing what I know now, I can’t go back to that empty shell of a life I was living. A life that lacked fulfillment because you did not yet exist in my life to fill it up. With joy. With laughter. With kisses. With simple conversation.

I won’t turn back. I’ve come too far. Yet you seem to be just out of my reach… choice or by circumstance- only time will tell.


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