When It Comes To An End

Some couples break up.

Some couples make an adult decision to move in different directions without one another because it is what is best for both people involved.

A break up is nasty. It’s ugly. It hurts. It’s contaminated with terrible memories. And generally there is some major negative catalyst that precedes its occurrence.

But not all relationships end on a negative note. Some relationships end on a high. Good memories are taken and stored. Though there may be some sadness; bitterness, anger, and resentment fail to exist. And there is love. A love that says I realize I’m hindering you. A love that is mature enough to let go when letting go is necessary. A love that says I care about your future and understand that if I am in it you won’t achieve everything you’re capable of.

Some couples break up. Break being the operative word. There is a split between the individuals and often times a split that occurs within the individuals themselves. This leaves them, well, broken after the relationship has ended.

But some couples take the power into their own hands and decide. They decide to be without one another in one capacity and embrace each other in a different one. They remain whole individuals. Whole individuals that operate  separately rather than together.

Some couples break up.

Other couples make a choice.

Either way, when it comes to an end….it’s over.


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