Relational Reaping

Relationships are an investment. An investment of time. An investment of energy. An investment of emotions. An investment of finances.

You put in these things with the expectation that the return will be profitable.

The problem is that most people are not committed enough to invest the things necessary in order to yield a great return.

The seeds that you sow into any relationship shall eventually be reaped. If you sow honesty, you shall reap honesty. If you sow respect, you shall reap respect. If you sow love, you shall reap love. Likewise, if you sow negative seeds you shall reap a negative harvest.

Many people operate with the mentality that they can sow negatively and then reap positively. Or that they can avoid sowing altogether and still receive the rewards that they desire.

Totally illogical thinking.

One would look at a farmer who failed to sow seeds as though he were crazy if he actually expected to see vegetable growth when it was time to harvest. One would look at another farmer as if he were a fool for sowing squash seeds and then expecting collard greens during  the harvesting season.

In the same manner, you cannot expect to receive something if you have not worked to get it.

So you want a relationship filled with love, passion, honesty, joy, respect, etc? Then you have to sow the seeds necessary in order to reap those aspects. And what seeds would those be? Love, passion, honesty, joy, respect, etc.

With any type of sowing, there will be hard work required. You will get a little dirty. You will get a little tired. And you cannot just sow the seeds one time and expect to be done. There is constant maintenance and upkeep that is required. Watering the seeds daily. Ensuring they are getting the proper sunlight. Protecting them from pests. But the end result of all of that work is worth it.

A healthy and delicious reward that you can take pride in because you worked hard to obtain it. What is better than that?


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