The way in which I love you.

It’s been too long.

Too long that I have loved you.

Unrestricted, uninhibited, pure unadulterated love.

That’s what I have offered you.

Despite my own struggles with the concept-

that’s what I have given you.

Yet I am made to feel as if this very love is worthless.

As if it fails to measure up-

to your standards, your greatness, your love.

And perhaps it does….but it’s my ALL.

Every ounce of me loves every ounce of you.

Unselfishly, unreasonably-

but I love you.

It’s irrational, but it is very much real.

And it is very much valuable. Perhaps more so….

Because my love is ALL I HAVE.

And while it may be small in stature, it demonstrates how far I am willing to go for you, what I am willing to give for you-

what I am willing to do for you.

And though your love can be seen in grand gestures, it is but a small portion of you.

I love you.

All of my being loves all that you are.

All that you are has inspired me to love.

I love because of you.

I love you.

For without ‘you’, what would there be to love?

I love….


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