Religious People; No God

A person can be religious and not know God. Let me say it again. A person can be religious and not know God.

Religion is taught. A relationship with God is an experience.

See years of growing up in the church has taught me a lot about being religious. Clap your hands. Jump for joy. Shed some tears. Say amen. Quote some scriptures. Give some money.

I know the religious responses. “Blessed and highly favored. Too blessed to be stressed. I can’t complain. God is moving. He’s going to work it out in due time. Patience is a virtue. They that wait on the Lord…..”

But over the past several years and specifically the past several months I have decided to take the emphasis off of the religion and place the emphasis on a relationship with God. Best decision I ever made aside from deciding to accept God into my life in the first place.

By taking the emphasis off of religion I have done something powerful for myself-removed a label. Now the goal isn’t to act like a Christian, but rather to act like Christ. The difference?

Acting like a Christian means meeting man’s standards as to what a Christian should be. What to do and what not to do, what to say and what not to say, what to think and what not to think, how to react and how not to react.

Of course that isnt what being a Christian is intended to be. Christianity shouldn’t be something that is dictated by man. Rather it should be a lifestyle modeled after Christ himself.

So that is the path I am on now. Let’s see where it takes me….


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