Next Please…

I was casting people in a role they weren’t at all interested in.

They wanted a supporting actor role and I was giving them the lead. Guess I wasn’t so great at auditioning huh?

I think about all the time that I wasted reading lines with these inexperienced actors. “No not that way, this way.” They weren’t very good at taking direction and pretty soon I got just got complacent. I knew they weren’t the right fit but I did not feel like starting the process again, only to risk the chance of getting a similar or worse actor for the role.

It is safe to say that those films turned out quite horribly to say the least. Let’s just say that I’ve learned from my mistakes and the auditioning process is a whole lot different now. It is alot more extensive and thorough. But the end results have proven to be worth it. And the fact that I casted all those terrible actors has made me appreciate the Denzel I have now.


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