one mind, one heart, one love…

It is absolutely refreshing to find someone with whom you connect. Not simply on the surface, but on a much deeper level.

A connection at the core of who you are- spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically……It’s incredible to say the least.

It’s funny how God works. I mean he truly is a comedian of sorts. I can imagine the jokes he got out of my past relationships. “This girl knows good and well that these fools aren’t for her and yet she’s gonna entertain the thought of being with them. I told her that I would supply all of her needs, so she’s settling why? Oh but who am I to get involved- JUST God. I’ll just sit back and let her try this out.”

So I wandered around from one guy to the next thinking that I could find “the one”. I was trying to map my own course to the final destination of love and God was holding the directions in his hand saying, “I’ll give them to you if you just seek me first”.

I have a thing for learning the hard way. But I thank God for his grace and patience and unconditional love. Because after I had exhausted all my options, hit dead end after dead  end, he didn’t say I told you so (though I know he was thinking it). Instead he wrapped me in his arms, mended my broken heart, and pointed me in the right direction.

Now I finally see my destination in sight and it’s absolutely beautiful. Or handsome lol. But I’m taking my time to get there. And that’s okay because I am learning so much about myself and about him on the journey. And once I finally reach the destination it will have been so worth it.


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