And You Are?

Your name [ no longer ] moves me.

When we were together, the mention of it brought me joy. When we broke up, the mention of it brought me pain. And now, I’m not at all affected by your name. I’m past that stage where everything reminds me of you. I’ve made it through that phase of reminiscing about you.  Now someone mentions your name and nothing significant happens. No smile comes to my face nor tears to my eyes. It’s almost like mentioning the name of someone I don’t know. No longer meaningful. No longer significant.  I’m emotionally detached from you at this  point. You walk past me and you’re just like every other person walking by. No stopping to acknowledge you. No eye contact. I just keep it moving. You fail to matter anymore and I guess that saddens me. Saddens me because I never though I’d see the day you failed to mean something to me anything at all.


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