loving you……Priceless

My love is priceless. But yours- yours costs.

“I love you, but first I’m gonna need you to make this one little change for me.”

Just one, well that’s manageable. Only it wasn’t just one. One turned into two, turned into three….and now there have been so many alterations that I have lost count. All for the sake of love. So I let it slide. “He’s just trying to better me.” Change after change after change, until I’m not even me anymore. And despite all these changes I’ve already made, there’s still more according to you. Because this aspect of me is off. And that aspect of me isn’t quite right.

Pause. What exactly do you want? Who exactly do you want me to be? And why exactly am I the one doing all the changing around here? I don’t mean to hurt your ego but you’re not exactly my idea of perfection. And that’s fine because I’m not asking you to be.

I guess it’s too much to ask you to do the same. I’ll suck it up. I love you. But this is getting costly….and I’m running out of cash.



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