I shouldn’t have told you. I shouldn’t have told you how I felt about you. Because now you hold the power.

You’re standing there with that idiotically gorgeous smirk on your face. I’m standing here looking like a fool. Vulnerable. Exposed. Open. Of course there’s not much to see now because you took it all, stored it away, and gave it to some other female.

Proceed With Caution. That used to be my motto for dealing with guys before you. After you, its evolved into Proceed With Extreme Caution, Reservation, and Skepticism.

You made me trust you. You made me believe in you. You made me let my guard down. You got into the depths of me that no one ever sees. EVER. And I was so caught up in how good it felt to be able to trust somebody that I failed to notice you weren’t giving me anything at all. And now I have no leverage. I told you my secrets and you told me a joke. I told you my fears and you told me a story. You saw my inadequacies and insecurities and I saw your latest shoe purchase.

and then…..you used those very things against me. Your words were smooth but your talk was cheap.

I used to think loving you was priceless. Used to. But loving you costs. A lot. Cost me my sense of security. Cost me my ability to trust. Cost me my ability to love. Had all of that been listed on the price tag I would have left you on the rack. I should have known that clearance price was too good to be true. Too many hidden charges. Too many strings attached.

-Insert Inspirational Cliche Here- ….. because God knows I need one.

Anything? Anybody?


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