The Complexities of You

You’re by far the most difficult person I’ve come across in a long time.

It’s almost foreign to me-

Not being able to figure you out.

I consider myself a pretty insightful person who can normally breakdown a person within 15 minutes of being in their presence,

But not with you.

You’re an absolute mystery to me which is perhaps why you intrigue me as intensely as you do.

You’re cover was what initially drew me to you.

So handsomely constructed, so visually appealing- I had to see what was inside.

And once I opened the cover and read the introduction, I was hooked.

So short and brief, but it left my mind wondering and wanting more.

So I began reading and each word was so captivating.

Every time I thought I had solved the mystery, there was a twist- an unexpected turn of events.

Some parts left me crying, some parts left me laughing, and other parts left me angry.

At times I was flustered, other times I was confused.

And it was like as I finished on page, another was added on-

Initially frustrating but I knew I had to keep reading because I had this deeply rooted desire to know what the new page held.

I never want to be finished with you.

I read you slowly and intently so that I never have to reach the end.

And if I ever do reach the end, you’re so wonderfully created and put together that I would want to start from the beginning and read you all over again.

You are a mystery.

A beautiful mystery.

A challenging mystery.

But you’re a mystery I hope never gets solved.

I wrote this a while ago about a guy. I intended to share this with him but for whatever reasons I just never got the chance to. So I guess this is me telling him without actually telling him.


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